What is Sumits Yoga?

What is Sumits Yoga?

Welcome, Whatever your age, condition or background, Sumits Yoga is a yoga practice for you. Designed for all levels from beginner through advanced. Sumits Yoga is a balanced and complete mind-body-spirit practice that develops strength flexibility, focused awareness and overall wellbeing.

What to Expect

What to Expect

• Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled start time to register. Discuss any injuries or health issues with your teacher before class.

• Wear something you are comfort able sweating in. Breathable fabric is most desirable.



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  • Individual Class Pricing
  • Unlimited Packages!
  • Student Pricing

Drop in $15

5 class card  $55

15 class card $150.00

30 class card $290

50 class card $470.00

1 month unlimited $109

3 month unlimited $310.00

6 month unlimited $525.00

annual unlimited $1,000.00

student drop in $10

 student monthly unlimited $69.00

 student 3 month unlimited $250.00

 student 6 month unlimited $460.00

 student annual unlimited $800.00

So much given, so much taken, open yourself to receive  •   Get out of your own way  •   It’s a practice for life and a practice of love  •  You are powerful •  Let your breath guide you •  If you want something, go and get it

Things I Learned in Yoga